Privacy policy

What information we collect, how we use it and protect it.

Data sharing

We will not sell or share your personal information with any third party, other than as necessary to comply with the law, to deliver our services, or to protect our intellectual property.

We may share carefully anonymized aggregate information with our business partners and other third parties.

Business partners

This website runs on the servers of Hostek, a hosting company based in USA. You may want to check their privacy policy as they are capable of collecting as much information as we can.

We have also partnered with PayPal to allow you to donate money to us.


To minimize the number of people with access to your information, Hostek is the only other company whose servers get contacted whenever you browse our website.

We do not use services such as CDN or Google Analytics to make sure your browsing habits are kept private.

Server logs

We collect IP address, web browser version, accessed URL, response status code, and other web server log information for each HTTP request.


We ask for your e-mail address when you subscribe to our newsletter. We shall use it for the sole purpose of bringing you our newsletter.

E-Mail and forms

When you use our online contact forms or when you send us an e-mail directly, we may collect your e-mail address, for the purpose of answering your inquiry.

Data usage

We use the collected information to deliver our services (e.g. to bring you our newsletter), optimize this website, and to gain better understanding of our target market.

Cookies and more

We do not use cookies, beacons, and fingerprints because they invade user's privacy too much (especially if implemented by a third party remote service as opposed to a self-hosted solution).

Hide your identity

We invite you to use Tor Browser when browsing our website. Use Tor whenever you want to be anonymous on the web.

We also recommend Ghostery browser extension.

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