Secret Splitter

  1. Split your password into any number of parts, e.g. 5.
  2. Print and hide the parts in your home, garden and your car.
  3. Recover the password when you collect the minimum number of parts (e.g. 3).
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What is Secret Splitter?

Secret Splitter is an app that lets you split a secret (e.g. a password or a message) into X parts. When you later collect at least Y parts, you can fully recover the original secret.

Each generated part looks like gibberish and does not reveal anything about the secret by itself. In fact, having any fewer than Y parts will prevent you from learning anything about the secret.


You can split your password MyP@ssw0rd! into 5 parts, and require 3 parts for password recovery. The app will generate parts for you that look like this:

  • sHouswEwxZDFp9Kd2Dj8d8c
  • s3e1hfSef1WZm6uZHomobk8
  • sWSZiiZhWkdzob7cEr6YRWd
  • sUErPf8vFM4adJjfQVHtwEB
  • sYTYq1a3mypXMQtEA2SP6bv

You can then print each part on a separate piece of paper, and hide the papers around your house, your garden, in your safe, under a rock, etc.

If you forget your password, just collect any 3 of the 5 parts and you can fully recover the password.

If one or two parts get accidentally destroyed, you can still collect the remaining 3 parts to recover the password. If you (or someone else) obtains only 2 parts or fewer, it is not possible to recover the password at all - the parts are completely useless without having all the required pieces.

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    Get Started

    Secret Splitter's initial screen lets you configure how many parts you want to split your secret into, and how many parts are required to recombine your secret.

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    Enter Your Secret

    You can enter any secret you want - a password, passphrase, GPS coordinates, or a custom message.

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    Split Into Parts

    Split your secret into a list of random parts. Each part is unique and is cryptographically entangled with other parts from the same list.

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    Collect Parts

    To recover your secret, begin by collecting parts and enter them into the app. Only parts that were generated in the same list will work together.

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    Recover Secret

    After you have entered the parts, you can proceed to restore the secret.

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    Export Secret

    You can quickly copy and share the restored secret with others, or store it locally in your device.

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    Get Help

    Help section describes in detail the purpose of Secret Splitter, how to use it, and when you might want to use it.

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    Dark Mode

    Secret Splitter fully supports Dark Mode.

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What is Secret Splitter for?

Imagine you have a secret, for example:

  • Your user account password.
  • Recovery code for your password manager.
  • BitCoin wallet.
  • Combination code for your safe.
  • Valuable GPS location.
  • And others ...

The secret is quite long and difficult to remember, and you are rightfully worried you might forget it and loose access to it forever.

With Secret Splitter, you can split your secret into 7 parts, and require at least 4 parts for recovery. You can print all 7 parts and hide them somewhere. Maybe you hide a few in your home, and give some to your partner, parents, friends, etc.

If you ever forget your secret, you can combine any 4 of the 7 parts and fully recover the secret. But your parents, friends and your partner cannot recover the secret unless they retrieve at least 4 parts also. And that's assuming you go the route of telling them in detail the purpose of that little piece of paper with a funny looking code.

There are many situations when you might find this app useful, and here are some additional examples:

  • You have invested in BitCoin, and you want your next-of-kin to be able to inherit the money in case of some tragic event.
    So, split the password for your BitCoin wallet and give the parts to your parents, spouse, lawyer, and your child.
  • You are the CEO of a small company, and you want to ensure business continuity in case you are incapacitated.
    You split your mission-critical access keys and give the parts to your board members, top managers, and your lawyer.


This app is using Shamir's Secret Sharing Scheme, which makes it all possible. This scheme has information theoretic security, meaning the scheme cannot be broken even if your adversary has unlimited computing power.

Thus, your adversary might instead try to guess your secret directly, or attack the cryptosystem where you use the secret. Or he might try to collect the required minimum number of parts. But he cannot directly attack the Shamir's scheme by somehow using fewer than the required number of parts and computing the final part.

Our implementation of the Shamir's scheme is a port of an open-source Linux package called libgfshare. This app and libgfshare are using different export formats, but a format conversion would make them fully compatible and interoperable.

Part format

The algorithm used to generate parts is:

  1. Convert the secret to UTF-8 byte array.
  2. Use the libgfshare algorithm to split the byte array into shares.
  3. Encode each share as:
    1. Prepend X in front of the share's payload.
    2. Encode the result of 3 (a) using base58check, the same algorithm used for BitCoin address encoding. Do not use the base58check version byte.
    3. Prepend character 's' (ASCII 115) in front of the result of 3 (b). This character serves as a format version control.

Inverse this algorithm to recombine the original secret from parts.

Privacy Policy

It's very simple. Secret Splitter does not collect any data.

No telemetry.

No analytics.

No internet communication whatsoever.

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