Privacy Repairer

The best tool for preserving your privacy in Windows 10.

For Windows 10

Privacy protection

Privacy Repairer is a tool for Windows 10 designed to protect your privacy.

It comes with almost 60 options engineered to carefully modify your system in a way most beneficial for your privacy.

Easy to use

Privacy Repairer is a breeze to use.

No need to worry about complex and overblown interfaces, as each option comes with just a simple toggle button! And if you are ever lost, detailed information about every option is readily available.

And remember, all changes you make are always safely reversible!

Advanced options

Professionals may appreciate advanced options which significantly improve your privacy but may lower your security.

For example, disabling "SmartScreen for desktop" will stop leaking what software you download, but may open you to malware as your downloads won't be checked against an online reputation service.


To get you started as quickly as possible, we have carefully picked a selection of options which can be safely enabled all at once.

Advanced users are still strongly recommended to go through all the options individually.

Completely free

Privacy Repairer is completely free.

You are allowed to use it without any charge at home or in your organization.


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