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Feature release -
  • Added an option to prevent Microsoft from using your diagnostic data.
  • Added an option to opt out of CEIP in Visual Studio 2017.
  • Fixed an access denied exception that occured when running the program under non-administrator user account in Windows 10 Creators update.
  • Fixed a multi-threading issue that occured when closing the program.
  • Error messages will now be displayed in English instead of being localized.
  • No longer displays dialog boxes when using the command line options.
  • A success message is now displayed when using the 'enable all recommended options' button.

Feature release -
  • Added an option to send 'do not track' in Microsoft Edge.
  • Added an option to disable storing DRM licenses in Microsoft Edge.
  • Added an option to globally disable Cortana for all users.
  • Added an option to disallow Microsoft from conducting experiments on your system.
  • Added an option to disable Windows Spotlight on lock screen.
  • Added an option to disable advertisements on lock screen.

Maintenance release -
  • Fixed a bug on some systems where creatnig a restore point would crash the application.
  • Displays a confirmation message when creating a system restore point manually.

Feature release -
  • Added system restore point support.
  • Added backup and restore functionality.
  • Displays waiting cursor while long-running operations are in progress.
  • Using the button to enable all recommended options did not always work on some systems. To resolve the issue, an automated multiple-attempt retry system was added.
  • Removed the "do not update certificates" option, because some users do not even bother to read the description and enable it anyway, despite the serious security implications of doing that.

Maintenance release -
  • Fixed a bug that caused a crash when setting a group policy on a system with corrupted group policy component configuration.

Feature release -
  • Added command line automation.
  • Use "/accepteula" switch to accept license. Other command line parameters won't work without accepting the license.
  • Use "/auto:recommended" switch to enable all recommended options.
  • Use "/auto:maximum" switch to enable all non-dangerous options.
  • You can specify a command line parameter with a leading slash, single dash or double dash.

Feature release -
  • Corrected computation of total number of enabled options.

First release -
  • Initial release.
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